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Antique Lapel Pin:High Quality and Low Price

We are a company specializing in the production of many different gifts, the lapel pin is one of the most important products in our gift category. Our custom lapel pins are popular with consumers. Whatever theme or style you’re looking for, chances are we can find it for you among our wide array of vintage pins.

Our professionals can customize any style of enamel pins for you.  For example, antique pins are one of the best-selling pins. We offer a free quote system and design system, custom enamel pin with high quality, low price, and no minimum order, "free customization".

The free quote system can provide different sizes and colors, craft types and so on for you to choose from. And the simple steps allow you to complete the satisfactory customization process. About our free design system, you can send photos, drawings, or just say what you think and our professional designers will give you the best products for you. The free design system is simple and convenient here.


What Is Antique Lapel Pin?

antique lapel pin

The antique lapel pins are a unique category of lapel pins that perfectly combine the glamour of the old world with contemporary art. It features a classical and antique art deco appearance.

Antique lapel pin is made of iron and then plated with antique gold or silver, antique nickel or bronze to complete your craft selection. The raised metal areas are polished to make them brighter, while the sunken areas retain a retro appearance.
You can also choose to add enamel color to vintage antique lapel pins and combine it with many other crafts such as soft enamel, 3D/Cutout or offset printing. You can use your imagination and creativity to design your antique brooches and pins. Then we were responsible for producing it.

The antique lapel pin is never out of date and never goes out of style. Antique stock pins for sale are a gift that antique lovers can't refuse.


Two Types of Antique Lapel Pin

Antique Hat Pins

We have antique hat pins, antique clothes pins, years of service pins, and logo lapel pins.

Antique Hat Pins

The key Features:

Antique craft provides enhanced detail and contrast for antique plated hat pins.

Best Use:

Because antique hat pins are like precious metal pins, wearing lapel pins on the hat can add noble, beautiful and generous temperament.

Delivery time:

After confirming the design or sample, we can start production, according to different designs, quantities or crafts, the delivery time is the last one to four weeks.


Antique clothes pins

Antique Clothes Pins

The key Features:

Antique craftsmanship enhances the details, making them have more antique effect and worn with a sense of age.

Best Use:

Because antique clothes pins are like precious metal pins, wearing on the clothes can add antique style, heavy sense of temperament.

Delivery Time: 

Production can start after confirming the design or sample, and the delivery time is 1-4 weeks.


Our Different Lapel Pins Types

We not only produce vintage enamel pins, but also other types of custom lapel pins for you to choose. Click the button below each process, you can see the detailed description of the process on other websites of our company.

Hard enamel pins

Hard enamel pins are endowed with jewel-like qualities. It gives a lasting sense of nobility. The hard enamel color is hand filled with metal. The process sequence is first heating, then polishing. So they have a relatively smooth surface.
hard enamel pins

Soft Enamel Pins

The most outstanding feature is soft enamel pins are touched uneven, the metal line is divided into the enamel color and metal area. They have a low price compared with the hard enamel pins. 

soft enamel pins

Sandblast Pins

The sandblasted pins have a shiny metallic appearance throughout. To enhance the whole metal appearance, they will not have any enamel color. To highlight the raised metal lines, the concave sandblasted background contrasts with the raised highly polished smooth lines.
sandblast pins

3D or Cutout Pins

For 3D or cutout pins, the raised part is not only the flat metal lines or text but also the three-dimensional pattern of the three-dimensional effect. Design vivid, real, visual impact. There is a hollow in the cutout pins. 
3d or cutout pins

Offset Printed Pins

These types of the pin are to print the design directly onto the pin without changing the color or details, just like copying and pasting. Keep the pattern details you need completely. 

offset-printed pins

Antique Lapel Pins

Antique lapel pin combines the old world charm with contemporary art, to make their age strong flavor, generally, do not add enamel color above. This is a pin that appears a strong antique effect.
antique lapel pins


How to Make Antique Pins

Each custom antique clothes or hat pin is finished with antique plating, then the raised areas are polished to make them brighter, while the recessed background areas appear darker. Then, leave traces of antiquity on modern craft. 

What Occasions Are Suitable for Wearing Antique Pins?

Because of the vintage and unique appearance, the antique lapel pins are very suitable to use on formal occasions.

pin in meetings

1. You can wear a pin in meetings. A custom antique pins with the company's name is a good choice.

reward gifts

2. As the reward gifts to your employees. 


3. They are very suitable as a souvenir to commemorate a significant or important event.


4. To collect as a collection.

reward in competition

5. They can be used as reward pins for the winner in the competition. 

various functions

6. They can be used as antique hat pins, antique clothes pins, years of service pins, logo lapel pins, dog tags, vintage brooches and so on.


Why Choose is a branch of, a lapel pin website, offers custom antique lapel pins for every consumer. We work hard to be the best in our field. To our customer first, quality first concept, we continue to make innovation and development.

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Our company is one of the largest promotional gift manufacturers, its mission is to provide customers with the most competitive prices and extremely high-quality products, and better customer service! The antique lapel pin will make you love pins.

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