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2:42 O' Clock Custom Pins
2:42 O' Clock Custom Pins
0.5''antique pins with antique gold finish.
Custom Tiger Antique Lapel Pin
Custom Tiger Antique Lapel Pin
0.75" Antique Pins, die struck with antique gold finish.
BCCM Antique Pins
BCCM Antique Pins
0.75" Antique Pins, die struck with antique nickel finish.
Moon Tones Antique Pins
Moon Tones Antique Pins
1" Antique Pins, die struck with antique gold finish.
Certified Expert Custom Pins
Certified Expert Custom Pins
1.1’’ antique pins with antique brass finish.
Wedding Antique Pins
Wedding Antique Pins
1.5" antique pins,die struck with antique brass finish.
GBR Antique Lapel Pin
GBR Antique Lapel Pin
0.75’’antique pins with antique gold finish.
Commemorative Custom Lapel Pins
Commemorative Custom Lapel Pins
1’’antique pins with antique brass finish.
Serpent People Antique Pins
Serpent People Antique Pins
1.25’’antique pins with antique gold finish.
RRT Custom Pins Cheap
RRT Custom Pins Cheap
0.75’’antique pins with antique gold finish.
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Antique Clothes Pins

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  • 2:42 O' Clock Custom Pins
  • Custom Tiger Antique Lapel Pin
  • BCCM Antique Pins
  • Moon Tones Antique Pins
  • Certified Expert Custom Pins
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Antique Clothes Pins Are Common Now

As is known to all, the lapel pin is a kind of gift, it is small, exquisite, has all sorts of design, can be used as a collection, souvenir, adornment and so on. The antique clothes pins are vintage pins we can wear in different clothes.

They combine the old world charm with contemporary art, to make their age strong flavor, generally do not add enamel color above. Don’t think vintage clothes pins are wooden clothespins, they are fundamentally different.

retro art antique lapel pin

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Why So Many People Wear Antique Clothes Pins?

Antique clothes pinsNow you may see many people wear antique pins in their clothes, such as Jean's jacket, Shirts, sweaters, windbreakers, suits, swing dresses, etc. There are many reasons why people choose to wear antique clothes pins and antique hat pins these days.

Some people may show their patriotism by wearing antique clothes pins on their country's flag; while others may wear tourist architecture pins to express their love and remembrance of these sites. Either way, a variety of styles can reveal your personality, your fashion sense or your identity.

You can put antique pins on any wiggle dress or wherever you feel comfortable. You can also wear cool vintage pins to show that you are part of a team or that you support a cause. Wearing a vintage dress lapel pins indicates that you are a member of a community or group, or that you have something to like and support.

What Occasions Do You Wear?

business meeting

When you are in a meeting or attending a ceremony, you should wear a formal vintage pin with simple text and graphics and no cartoon characters on it.


When you're hanging out with friends and you're a fan of the old-style, antique clothes pins work for you because you can choose vintage styles that are fashionable, cute, or cool, with no restrictions, just do what you like.


If you're at a party or family dinner, choose antique clothes pins that match your preferences or outfit.

business person

If you're a business person, wear a business pin or company logo custom lapel pins to show your status in your circle of friends or class, feel proud of your accomplishments, and feel a sense of belonging to the company.

How to Place Your Order

order process

Why Do Deserve to Be Chosen?

Whether you want to wear the antique lapel pins in vintage pin-up clothing or high waisted to express your fashion. You can choose our Choose us and you won't regret your choice. Make antique clothes pins an essential part of your outfit.

(1)Our rich experience and high level of knowledge and technology make us a leader in the field of soft enamel lapel pins.

(2)We provide high-quality products. We are committed to providing satisfactory service to our customers.

(3)we provide all customers with the most affordable factory prices, efficient production time and first-class customer service.

(4)We provide all pin products with free design and artwork with unlimited revisions and have custom enamel pins with no minimum limit.

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Antique Clothes Pins

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