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Ancient Patterns Antique Pins
Ancient Patterns Antique Pins
1.25’’antique pins with antique brass finish.
Custom Booot Antique Pins
Custom Booot Antique Pins
1.7’’ antique pins with antique nickel finish.
Preserving History Custom Pins
Preserving History Custom Pins
1’’antique pins with antique brass finish.
NCIS Antique Lapel Pin
NCIS Antique Lapel Pin
1" Antique pins with antique brass finish.
Chorus Antique Lapel Pin
Chorus Antique Lapel Pin
0.75" Antique pins with antique brass
Cowboy Custom Enamel Pins
Cowboy Custom Enamel Pins
1’’ antique pins with antique gold finish.
KF4AV Custom Enamel Pins
KF4AV Custom Enamel Pins
0.9 " Antique pins with antique nickel.
Ingram Family Antique Pins
Ingram Family Antique Pins
1.5" antique pins with antique brass finish.
CT Custom Pins Cheap
CT Custom Pins Cheap
0.75" Antique enamel pins with antique brass finish.
3D JAGD BOGEN Vintage Pins
3D JAGD BOGEN Vintage Pins
0.79" antique pins with antique nickel.
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Antique Hat Pins

  • Unlimted Revision Free Art Design
  • Fast Turnaround Free & 2 Day By Air
  • No Minimum Qty Antique Lapel Pin
  • Quality Guarantee 20+Years Of Experience

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  • Ancient Patterns Antique Pins
  • Custom Booot Antique Pins
  • Preserving History Custom Pins
  • NCIS Antique Lapel Pin
  • Chorus Antique Lapel Pin
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What Characteristics of Antique Hat Pins?

In the old days, antique plated hat pins were often ornate, inlaid with agate or pearls, and often had long needles attached to the hats. Now, unlike before, there are no long needles, which can reduce the danger of stabbing others. You can add iconic text and graphics to the pins. People usually wear antique hat pins or antique clothes pin to add decoration, to appear more beautiful or to convey some information. If you like to wear a hat, then a plated antique hat pin is your best choice.

Antique Hat Pins

A hat pin, in a way, is a metal hat pin. Generally speaking, designers make antique hat pins out of silver. Of course, they can also be made of gold or copper finish.

Our company produces antique hat pins. Wear them, will let you highlight a feeling of antique and metal.

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What Antique Hat Pins can Do?

Some years ago, antique hat pins had long needles, so women used them to hold hats in their hair. They were also used as weapons to protect themselves from bad guys.

However, with the development of the times, the needle of the antique hat pin is no longer so long, so more and more people use it as an ornament, if there is no pattern on the hat, use the pin as decoration, so that the hat is more beautiful.

How to Wear Your Antique Hat Pins?

shape our future antique pins

If your choice of antique hat pins accessory is a stick pin, you can use it to hold your hat in place so it doesn't blow off in the wind, perfect for the beach.

STA AT antique lapel pins

It helps to keep the hat high on your head so it doesn't cover your beautiful face or mess up your hair. Pass the antique hat pins through the outside of the hat, then carefully slide it under your hair and through the inside of the hat to secure the hat on your head.

EST vintage custom pins

If your vintage pin’s accessories are just normal, you can just use them as a decoration on your hat. You can wear whatever pattern you like.

How to Order Antique Hat Pins From

We have a convenient Automated Quotation System that you can easy to choose your Design of antique plated hat pin.

1. Select Pin Style, include Crafts, Size, Metal Finish, Colors Number Of Your LOGO, Whether Add Gold Glitter.

2. Select Attachment.

3. Select Packaging and Paper Card Added.

4. Choosing Quantity.

Why Is the Best Choice?

High Quality


Every process, every product has been tested. In the custom vintage hat pins field. We have experience of 20+ years.

Professional Staff

Professional staff

We have staff with strong business ability, and professional level and free after-sales service.

Free Shipping

Free shipping

We can provide free shipping and day delivery. All orders are shipped via FedEx free of charge to the continental USA or Canada.

No Minimum Limit

No Minimum Limit

Whether you want 1 pin or 100+ Pin that is OK, we offer any order quantities with free design. We only have a minimum cost per order of US$99.



A great discount is as low as 40% discount.

    Do you want to create your own CUSTOM Antique Hat Pins?

    Please fill-out the Automated Quotation System as follows......

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Antique Hat Pins

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