How Do Vintage Pins Make Your Hat More Stylish?

Do you have a closet full of hats? Summer hat, beach hat, autumn beret, winter hat and so on. All kinds of hats decorated your life.

Maybe you don’t like these hats as much as you did, or maybe they’re out of fashion. But believe me, with a little change now, these hats are a whole new thing.

So what’s the secret? That’s the antique lapel pin


The antique lapel pin is a unique lapel pin that perfectly combines the charm of the old world with contemporary art. It is characterized by classical beauty and has an antique artistic appearance. Antique lapel pins are made of iron, then plated with antique gold or silver, antique nickel or bronze to complete your craft selection.


antique lapel pins
antique lapel pins


When choosing antique pins, try to choose styles, colors, and sizes that match with each other. You can try to collect gold or copper styles of pins, so it is more simple and more suitable for decorative hats. It is worth mentioning that, in the pin that is used to decorate the cap, the most suitable is the man tie pin of plating ancient, this kind of pinhead won’t too big, but the design is very distinctive, taking thick neuter wind, suit adornment bowler hat especially.


hat lapel pins
hat lapel pins


You can put antique pins, brooches, and even your favorite earrings to the side of your hat one by one. Look like so casual, but still have exquisite. Please place the retro pins with a large difference in shape or size in a similar position. And between each pin, make sure that some pins are tight, some pins are thin. Put so the whole feeling that comes out just can follow a gender already good-looking. If you’re going to decorate with multiple pins, try to choose a smaller vintage pin to give them personality and distinction.


There is no strict rule on the mixing of antique brooches and pins. I prefer to use antique pins plated with antique gold and silver or decorated with rhinestones to decorate my hat because the antique brooch itself has a retro effect, only one or two can make the hat feel very different. Besides, it is important to note that if your ornament size is large, the shape is obtrusive or the color does not match the hat, then you should sacrifice the number of ornaments to highlight the key point. Unless you need a flowery hat that has stage color extremely, the adornment on the hat that tie-in everyday dress tries not to be too exaggerated as far as possible.


Certified Custom Antique Pins
Certified Custom Antique Pins

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