The making of custom lapel pins is not as complicated as you might think. The first step in making custom pins is to have a craft idea. After all the design is confirmed, the final step is to go into production.

Enamel pin-making process is based on the design of the pin to make a model, and then through this model to make all the pins. The finished metal is polished, attached, plated, colored, baked, and inspected in packaging.


The custom pin is mainly composed of three parts: the surface, the back, and the attachment

1) surface: display the main design points of customized pins

We have the six major processes of custom pins: Soft enamel pins, Hard enamel pins, 3D or Cutout pins, sandblast pins, Antique pins and Offset Printing.

We have different types of enamel pins custom such as logo pins, trading pins, award pins, nursing pins, and military pins. Each pin category supports different custom crafts, you can choose a different craft to customize your unique pin.

silkscreen pins
                                                      silkscreen pins

2) back: display the secondary design point of the customized pin;

Mold selection:

  1. A) new molds with no additional cost for enamel pin manufacturers, using existing designs and existing molds
  2. B) new mold customized design, new mold extra charge;

3) accessories: realize the wearing function of customized enamel pins;

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Rose Custom pins                                                                       Rose Custom pins


Hard enamel is not recommended for use with antique crafts because if they are combined, they will darken and affect the effect of the pins.

Sandblasting and antique craftsmanship do not go together. Because sandblasting is aimed at bright electroplating and its sandblasting effect using spray gun sandblasting. Antique electroplating does not belong to bright electroplating and cannot be sandblasted, so sandblasting process and electroplating process cannot be used at the same time. If you want to imitate ancient craft with sand point effect, we can make it directly on the mold.

Above is a brief introduction of our process of custom pins, we believe that we can provide you with high-quality pins and competitive lowest prices.

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