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Years Of Service Pins

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Years of Service Pins

Do You Know Years of Service Pins?

Do you have a good idea for your pin design? Want to create custom years of service pins with your company's name, logo or for your employees? Years of service lapel pins are the perfect way to show appreciation, recognition, and reward to employees, volunteers, and students.

It's a good way to thank them for their years of hard work. Custom service pins are usually gold-plated and silver-plated and can include gold glitter and diamonds. Service pins are often used to indicate employee milestones and company performance improvements.

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Why Years of Service Pins Are Key to Our Life?

Therefore, the custom years of service pins are key to our life; they help us to become better in the spirits.

Years of service pins help us gain a sense of belonging and security, a sense of recognition, which can make us live and work with more motivation and enthusiasm. Then, our working efficiency will be improved.
If we work hard and bring profits to our company, award pins can greatly improve the productivity and morale of the company. Research shows that happy employees are more productive. What better way to show you care than with a customized employee recognition pin as a reward?

What Crafts Are Suitable for Service Pins?

Our has six crafts of lapel pins, hard enamel pins, soft enamel pins, antique pins, sandblast pins, 3D/Cutout pins and offset printed pins. Each craft can make years service lapel pins.

RPAC 50 years service pins

Hard enamel pins have a smooth surface and are hard and durable.

soft lapel pins

Soft enamel pins have an uneven surface but provide high-quality. Antique pins because of its ancient style, it is very suitable for use as a pin for reward service. Full of heavy sense and commemorative value.

sandblast lapel pin

The most common craft of service pin is sandblasting. Without enamel color, the metal surface, clear design and intricate details are suitable for various formal occasions. These custom recognition pins are a valuable reward for years of glorious service and are a way to recognize your employees and reward students for their achievements.

If you want to know more crafts information, please visit our

How to Place Your Order


You can find the free custom system on our website and browse our selection of crafts and styles to custom-designed.


Fill in your contact information and upload your design requirements, and our staff will reply to you within 24 hours.


You can modify your design for free! We provide unlimited revisions.


Finally, place the order. When you are completely satisfied with your design or with our samples, you can confirm the order. Free delivery on time.


Quality assurance and excellent free after-sales service.

Making Your Years of Service Pins With

1. We are a gift manufacturer, let us create the perfect gratitude gift for your employee of the month. Whatever design you need, we can design and make. Our commitment to excellence and sincerity makes us one of the top manufacturers in the industry.

2. We have a good united design team. We can design any style and pattern of pins you want, and protect the copyright of customer design. If you want to design lapel pins, please click here.

3. We have better free customer service before and after-sales.

4. We can provide free shipping. All orders are shipped via FedEx free of charge to the continental USA or Canada.

5. We have unlimited revisions of lapel pins. If you have any advice for the sample we send to you that you could contact us, we can make free revisions for you.

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Years Of Service Pins

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